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Coping Skills Cards

by Emily Stone, LICSW and Lead Clinical Strategist at Mightier

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What are Coping Skills?

Coping skills are tools that help us to feel more regulated. Effective coping skills are different for every person. Some people find physical activities like taking a walk around the block or playing a sport to be helpful, while others need to engage in quieter activities like puzzles or reading to cope with big feelings. There is no right or wrong coping skill, it truly depends on what feels good in your body!

How do I use Coping Skills Cards?

Coping skills cards can be used in several different ways depending on your child’s needs:

1. Experimentation: Discovering what coping skills work best for your body takes trial and error. Coping skills cards can be a helpful tool for kids to experiment and learn which coping skills work best for them. Have your child pick a coping skill they want to try out that day. Reflect on how it feels for them in their body and mind. Some kids will even time themselves to see what skills help them to calm down quickest!

2. Examples: Sometimes coming up with helpful coping skills can be difficult. Whether your child benefits from active skills or more quiet activities, coping skills cards can help your child think of some alternatives to the more traditional skills like deep breathing.

3. Reminders: Finding skills that work for your child when they are feeling dysregulated is just one piece of the puzzle. Remembering to use them when they need to can be a challenge at times. Many kids use coping skill cards as a visual reminder of the skills that work for them. Whether it is a few cards in their desk at school or a collage of their favorites on the wall of their room, your child can use coping skill cards as a reminder that they can use the skills they have practiced!

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