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Create Your Own Lavaling

  • 15 to 20 minutes
  • In person
  • Teletherapy


This creative activity uses a narrative approach of externalizing a client’s symptoms to a character that they are familiar with from Mightier games.

Time in Mightier program

Weeks 4+

Therapeutic Goals

  1. Develop emotional awareness
  2. Develop body awareness
  3. Practice self-reflection
  4. Support the client’s understanding and enjoyment of Mightier

Documentation Suggestion

Client and clinician engaged in an intervention using a narrative approach of externalizing the client’s symptoms to a character that they are familiar with using the Mightier biofeedback tool’s language. This activity focused on developing emotional and body awareness while practicing self-reflection.

Materials needed



Writing utensils

Writing utensils

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Ask your client to describe the Lavalings in Mightier. Ask your client if they have a favorite Lavaling and why they like that particular one. 

  2. Describe that Lavalings have unique personalities using the script below (or something similar).

    I love how many Lavalings you have been collecting! You have been working really hard. Have you noticed that each Lavaling has their own personality? Most of them have strengths and things that they are really good at along with some things they wish they did a bit differently. I would love for you to create your own Lavaling today that represents you.

    Take a thinking minute about what that Lavaling might look like both when it’s in its hot state in the red and in its cool state in the blue. Then, I want you to think about what type of personality you would have as a Lavaling.
    What are some of your strengths and what are some things that you would like to get better at?

  3. Allow your client to take time to think, draw, and ask questions about their Lavaling. 

  4. Once they have completed their Lavaling, celebrate their reflection and ask them to share about their Lavaling. Ask your own questions or use sample questions below.

    -Tell me about how your Lavaling looks.
    -What are some things that your Lavaling is really great at?
    -What are some things that you Lavaling is working on getting better at?
    -How are you similar to the Lavaling you drew?

  5. Some clients may be able to reflect on times where they feel like this Lavaling more than others (i.e. triggering situations) and how they may “cool down” their Lavaling (i.e. calming skills) which can be explored here as well using your own questions or sample questions below.

    -When do you feel like this particular Lavaling comes out in your own life?
    -Some kids tell me their Lavaling comes up when __(the triggering situation for the client)__ does this ever happen to you?
    -Does anything help to cool your Lavaling down?
    -What have you noticed helps your Lavaling stay cool?

  6. Ask your client to notice throughout the week if this Lavaling is something they notice in the real world and in their experiences to share these in subsequent sessions. 
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