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Celebrate A Mightier Moment

  • 5 to 10 minutes
  • In person
  • Teletherapy


This activity allows time and space for a client to identify successes throughout their week. It can be used as a check-in at the beginning of the session, a way to celebrate hard work during sessions, and/or as a closing activity.

Time in Mightier program

Weeks 1+

Therapeutic Goals

  1. Develop emotional awareness
  2. Increase emotional vocabulary
  3. Practice self-reflection
  4. Practice positive self-talk and growth mindset
  5. Practice communication and social skills
  6. Support client’s understanding and enjoyment of Mightier

Documentation Suggestion

Client and clinician engaged in an intervention focused on identifying successes throughout their week using the Mightier biofeedback tool’s language. This intervention focused on practicing self-reflection while also developing emotional awareness and pro-social skills. The client was able to also practice positive self-talk and growth mindset.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Describe to the client what a Mightier Moment is using the script below (or something similar):

    I want us to celebrate all the wonderful hard work you have been doing! These can be things that you are really proud of that you have learned or accomplished at school, at home, in your time with me, or with Mightier. 

  2. Identify a Mightier Moment you have seen for the client to give them an example.

  3. Allow your client to take a moment to identify a Mightier Moment. They can have more than one Mightier Moment.

  4. Use this exercise regularly to help your client identify wins throughout their week or in session.
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