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Movies about emotions for kids

by Jessica Ragnio, MSW, LICSW, and Associate Clinical Director at Mightier

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We’re always on the lookout for movies that teach kids the power of feelings, empathy and friendships. We asked Mightier families to share their go-to movies – or shows – that inspire kindness and reinforce the positive messages they’re teaching their children. Here are some of their favorites!


Inside Out is popular for good reason! This witty, entertaining movie about the complexity of emotions follows a young girls’ move to a new city with her family. A window into her mind shows the different emotions that interpret her experiences, interact with one another, and work together, and sometimes against, one another to drive her behaviors and reactions. It’s a movie that truly captures the intense complexity how our emotions influence us in different ways.


The Stillwater series emphasizes emotional awareness, and explores feelings like self-doubt, sadness, and worry while also providing accepting and positive frameworks for how to navigate those emotions. Its beautiful and gentle imagery also promotes a sense of mindfulness just by watching.


Shrek takes a goofy approach in exploring the deep emotional impact that social perception and judgement can have on us all. It promotes social awareness, empathy building, and the importance of friendship.


True and the Rainbow Kingdom is a show that promotes friendship, empathy, social awareness and problem solving. This animated series is best for kids age 3-6.

Do you have a family favorite movie or show about emotions? We’d love to hear it!

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