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Mindfulness Scavenger Hunt

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Aside from being another buzzword, mindfulness is a powerful tool for building a stronger mind-body connection, relieving feelings of stress, anxiety, and frustration, and improving overall emotional wellbeing. Mindfulness is the act of intentionally focusing on the present moment. It’s an exercise and a practice that forces us to be aware of our physical state and surroundings, as well as in-tune with our body and emotions. Clearing our minds of intrusive thoughts, worries, and to-do lists, focusing on only our senses, and learning to manage and prioritize emotions takes intentional effort. Just like anything, mindfulness gets easier with practice, and the more we do it the more ingrained and natural it becomes.

No one said mindfulness can’t be fun though! Here’s a fun, interactive activity that lets the whole family practice mindfulness together.

Activity Details: 

1. Download and print the Scavenger Hunt pages below, and ask your child to grab something colorful to write or draw with, like crayons.

2. Give them time and space to follow the instructions on each square. Some kids will need help describing the items they find. This can be an individual or a family activity.

3. Talk about their words or drawings. Ask what they noticed, and how it made them feel.

4. Hang your Scavenger Hunt (or Scavenger Hunts!) on the fridge as a daily reminder to be mindful all the time.

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