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Mindful Coloring and Tracing Activities

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Mindfulness is the practice of slowing down and paying close, intentionally focused attention to something. This can be applied to anything – your surroundings, how your body feels, your thoughts – and is a core underlying piece of building overall self-awareness. Emotional awareness, awareness of thoughts, and awareness of how our body feels is something we must learn to pay attention to. It takes practice.

Engaging in mindfulness exercises is also a calming activity in itself. Mindfulness forces us to slow down, focus our attention on something other than whatever is upsetting, distracting, or overwhelming us. It puts us back in tune with our body, our environment, our thoughts, and with ourselves.

These mindful coloring and tracing sheets help kids practice mindfulness with a bit of artistic flare. Enjoy!

  • Mightier I Spy: Pick colors for the different creatures, then color them in as you find them!
  • Mightier Maze: Trace the maze with your finger or a crayon.
  • Mightier Match: Match the Hot Lavalings to their cool selves! (This activity is geared toward more experienced Mightier players.)

Time to practice things that help our mind and body focus!

Activity Details: 

1. Download and print the focus activity pages below, and ask your child to grab something colorful to write and draw with, like crayons.

2. Give them time and space to do the activities.

3. Talk about how they felt while they were doing the activity and afterward. Did it make them calmer to be focused on finding and tracing things?

4. The Mightier Match activity may be hard for new, or for younger Mightier players. Kids can find clues by playing Mightier and searching for hot Lavalings hiding in the Mightier worlds (on the home screen). When players chill them, they will see the Lavalings cool selves.
Tip! Make sure to cover the answers at the bottom!

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