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Mightier’s Summer Reading List – July

by Jessica Ragnio, MSW, LICSW, and Associate Clinical Director at Mightier

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Welcome to part 2 of our summer reading list, crowdsourced by our very own Mightier families! These books come with strong recommendations from parents and kids, and are great ways to explore emotions.

“You are Strong” by Danielle Dufayet empowers children to feel confident in themselves and navigate big emotions with understanding and acceptance.


“Tough Guys Have Feelings Too” by Keith Negley is a great book to normalize that everyone feels, and everyone faces difficult emotions at times. The art is also awesome!


“Sometimes I Feel Like A Fox” by Danielle Daniel is great for animal lovers! This story allows children to explore and think about how they identify with various creatures in creative ways.


“A Perfectly Messed Up Story” by Patrick McDonnell is all about making mistakes, and being okay with that! This is a great lesson for all of us, as mistakes are how we learn!


“Ish” by Peter Reynolds, is another one that creatively outlines the importance of NOT getting things “right.” There’s so much to experience and learn when we think “ish-ly.”


“Super Saurus” by Deborah Underwood is about a child who faces their various anxieties in different ways, in the end feeling empowered and heroic as they help others.


“Crankenstein” by Samantha Berger is a hilarious and relatable tale of grumpiness gone awry, great for kids on the younger side.

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