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How Kids with ADHD Can Learn to Keep Their Cool

by Emily Stone, LICSW and Lead Clinical Strategist at Mightier

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Kids who are diagnosed with ADHD are fun-loving, creative, and have powerful brains!
They are fun to be around, as they bring a level of excitement and energy to a room that is contagious. Kids who have ADHD are caring and thoughtful. They also are spontaneous and curious, which makes them great to go on adventures with. 

Helping kids who have ADHD keep cool is all about getting their energy out in positive, productive, and fun ways. When your child is able to slowly release energy or frustrations they are better able to get through the day.

Many kids who have ADHD need exercise and movement breaks, particularly kids who are more hyperactive. Allowing your child to pick a movement-based activity that they love is key.

Whether it is a short 5-minute jumping jack contest with a sibling or a game of four square with the neighbors, allowing your child options is a great way to get them excited and eager to play. It can also be helpful to do these types of activities outside. Fresh air and a change of scenery can help your child refocus and release big emotions.

Allowing kids time and space to let their brain wander is another helpful way for kids who have ADHD to cool off. Kids who tend to be more inattentive can struggle with structured activities and can use a brain break here or there to let their mind wander and let the creativity flow. Activities like Legos, art, figurines, or blocks allow your child to think creatively. It also allows your child to make the rules and take a break from following directions for a bit.

What are the ways that you help your child who has ADHD keep their cool?

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