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5 ways to enhance your Mightier play

by Jessica Ragnio, MSW, LICSW, and Associate Clinical Director at Mightier

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We love our Mightier families! They’re always hard at work finding fun and creative ways to make their kids’ Mightier play even more successful. From navigating transitions to sensory-friendly ways to cool down, here are 5 tricks from our Mightier Parents community.

Use a visual timer. Let’s face it, transitioning away from a videogame can be tough! It’s also hard to keep track of time while you’re having fun and totally engaged in your game play. While timers are a tool lots of parents use, Mightier parents strongly suggest visual timers that let kids actually see and keep track of the time for themselves. This helps kids mentally prepare for the end point, which means they are better prepared emotionally and cognitively for the upcoming task switch. A visual timer also takes the enforcement pressure off of parents. Work together to decide on the amount of play time, and let kids set the timer so they feel complete ownership over it. 

Keep headphones handy. If your Mightier player has siblings who also play Mightier, hearing those gameplay sounds can sometimes draw in an unwanted audience. Lots of Mightier families suggest using headphones. It helps the Mightier player feel a sense of privacy, and also helps siblings stay focused on whatever else they’re doing. 

Make a Mightier play space. Depending on your child, it might be worth creating a special, comfortable place for them to play Mightier. For some kids this means playing alone in their room so they can completely focus and get in the zone. For other kids, having a comfy Mightier corner with pillows, blankets, and even some lavaling decorations is where they like to be. The visual and physical elements of space matter for lots of kids. Make a fun activity of this with your child, and work together to create a Mightier play space that feels good for them. 

Cuddle. Adding to the importance of physical and sensory comforts, lots of Mightier players feel best when they have a stuffed animal, or even their pet, to cuddle with while they play. In addition to helping them cool down while playing Mightier, this is a great way to help them identify specific things that help them feel calmer outside of their game play. 

Go for the weighted blanket. Since lots of Mightier players crave deep pressure or weight to help them feel calm and regulated, adding something like a weighted blanket to their Mightier routine is a helpful trick. Work with your Mightier player to see which sensory strategies help them feel calm and comfortable. This can even be a fun, exploratory activity where you test different sensory inputs (think temperature, physical pressure, music) out together and see how they make each of you feel. 

Does your family have a creative trick they add to Mightier play? We’d love to hear it!

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