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Mightier helps kids explore emotions and build coping skills through play.

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Mightier is covered by Molina Healthcare of Nevada.

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Our therapeutic program helps kids with:




Ring Showing Emotions




Ring Showing Emotions







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Check A Program Built for Kids

Kids wear a heart sensor while they play and see their emotions on screen. Calming down is part of the game.

Check Support for parents and caregivers

A companion app, resources, and community support you as you support your child.

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CheckPersonalized Clinical Support

Discuss your child’s play and progress with a licensed clinician.

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45 min

Play at home, just
45 minutes a week

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87 %

of families see
improvement in 90 days

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73 %

of families report less
parent-child conflict

See how Mightier turns
practice into play

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Who is Mightier for?

Mightier is for children ages 4-17 who struggle with big emotions or big reactions.

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How does Mightier help my child?

Mightier is a biofeedback video game that has kids practice emotional regulation while they play. Kids wear a heart sensor, see their emotions on screen, and practice calming skills that work for their body.

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Real families, real stories

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Ashley and Charlie

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Jane and Sebastian

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Kim and Elliott

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