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Space Invasion

You are flying a spaceship from planet to planet, trying to travel as far as you can before running out of fuel. You collect stars as you cover more distance, and you collect crystals and other prizes along the way. Space Invasion has 44 levels.

Avoid the satellites that circle the planets you’re travelling to – hitting a satellite makes your fuel run out sooner! When your fuel runs out, your round is over.

Simple tapping mechanic makes this a good option for players with motor challenges.

The inhibitor makes satellites go very fast around planets, so they are difficult to avoid.


  • Tap a planet to travel to it. You can skip planets.
  • If an alien ship chases you, tap on it five times to make it explode
  • Use the speed, shield, time-slowing & fuel boosters at the bottom of the screen!
  • You can buy boosters with crystals
  • You can play levels over and over again