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Rocat Jumpurr

Cats in space, what’s not to like? Rocket jump your way through an endless number of unique levels, collecting loot, and upgrading your cat to purrfection! Exchange tasty Goldfish, Silver Cans and other tokens you collect for fabulous equipment and level your cat up to be even more furrious.

When the inhibitor is activated, you will not be able to aim your rockets straight, and the rockets themselves become lavalings that curve off target. Get back to the blue to make your aim true!


  • Make sure to collect as many goldfish as you can, which can be spent in the “Pawer Catalog” to level up and get access to better powerups.
  • Try slowing down your play style if you’re struggling getting far. “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.”
  • When in the air, start aiming a rocket to “float” – then take the time to aim.
  • There is no bonus for a quick time through a level so take your time explore.