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Hibachi Hero

You are a Hibachi Chef, slicing through foods to try to get through the dinner rush! To slice food, start with your finger at the bottom of the screen near your slicing tool, and swipe towards the food.
If you slice a piece of trash, or if you let 3 food items fall to the bottom of the screen unsliced, you will get one red X. When you get 5 red Xes, your round ends.
Simple swiping mechanic may make this a good option for players with motor challenges.

In the red zone, smoke fills the screen, making it harder to see what you are slicing.


  • When you slice garlic or hot pepper, your score per food slice multiplies
  • When you slice a piece of food that glitters gold, you collect a golden knife.
  • Every time you collect 100 golden knives, you get a new tool or background