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Gummy Pop

No gum allowed?  Not the case in our Pop-ular game of match puzzles and power ups. Enter a world of puzzle popping fun! Match colorful gummies and create powerful combos to complete levels. Challenge yourself on the path to gummy greatness!

When you become inhibited in Gummy pop, lavalings will cover different blocks, obscuring which color those blocks are! Don’t stay in the red too long, or you won’t be able to see any of the board!


  • The number of moves you have remaining are in the upper left – make sure to keep an eye on this number!
  • Try and match large groups of similar colors, sometimes it’s better to use a move on a single block, if it results in a large group touching together
  • When stuck, don’t forget that you can purchase bomb powerups! 
  • The colored bomb picks a random color and pops all cubes on screen of that color