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ADHD impacts more than a child’s academic success, it impacts how they process emotions.

Meet Mightier. A digital solution that teaches ADHD coping strategies through play.

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Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) directly impacts how children process and respond to their emotions.

Mightier empowers children to take back control of their emotions.

Through gameplay children practice coping strategies to regulate their emotions.

Over time, emotional regulation becomes second nature, giving children the skills and confidence to manage their reactions rather than be overcome by them.

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Clinically validated to support kids ages 6-14 with:

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Before starting Mightier 82% of families reported that impulsivity or hyperactivity interferes with their kid’s life at least once a week and 40% reported that their child has been diagnosed with ADHD.


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After 3 months of Mightier, 84% of parents report improvements in their child’s anger, frustration, or aggressive behaviors.


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71% of parents report improvements in impulsivity and/or hyperactivity.

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Practice and apply ADHD coping skills in real time. 

Mightier’s biofeedback games let kids see how their feelings directly influence their heart rate. By using coping strategies in the game, kids strengthen their natural and automatic ability to regulate emotions in real life.

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Play at home on your schedule.

Mightier games and supplemental programming give the whole family a way to explore emotions and build ADHD coping skills right from home.

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